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Set your mind at ease knowing your loved one's final resting place will be in our caring hands.

Memorial Day Package

  • Site Inspection.
  • Graveside garden area is sculpted, and soil is amended for healthy plant growth.
  • Monument is cleaned of all grass clipping and other natural debris.
  • For Memorial Day, or, on your selected day, a full and colorful garden will be planted, fertilized, watered, and mulched. * Maintenance is available for an additional charge.
  • Clean up in September.
  • In November our beautiful  2018 holiday basket full of fresh berries, assorted greens, pine cones, and a festive bow (your choice of color) is placed in front of your loved ones monument.
  • A photo is taken and sent to you or your chosen family member on each occasion.
  • Removal of the basket or wreath in early spring of 2019.
  • Sturdy rust free adjustable wreath hangers and other accessories are available for purchase.
  • Site inspection is replaced with a garden maintenance visit for all return customers.
This package consists of 5 visits to the grave site, monument wash, a full and colorful garden using quality plants and materials, 1 large holiday basket, 3 photos, labor, travel and clean up.

If you would like to purchase this package, or have a question or concern,
please call  978-465-0042 or 978-766-8547 or you can email 

  • Price will vary due to the monument size, and traveling distance.
  • Package may start any time of year.
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